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falling through time


I'm a twenty-something year old female, who's a Swedish, aspiring author who writes novels in Swedish and poetry in English. I have had short stories published in magazines, won minor competitions and contributed with two poems to an anthology. But the elusive publishing deal is still beyond my reach.

Books are my greatest passion. I remember when I was younger and my class would take trips to the library – I always came home with at least eleven books that I finished reading in a week. My room is cluttered with books, literally. Almost every wall is lined with a bookshelf and there are piles of books on the floor since they all can’t fit into the shelves. I buy most books second hand, which means that I can get hold of books that have been out of printing for years. I own a lot of fiction, from fantasy to crime novels, and a lot of nonfiction, all from psychology text books to dramatic real life stories. Favourite authors are Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Jesse Hajicek, Haruki Murakami, Val McDermid and Niklas Krog.

I also draw and paint when I want to relax. Another hobby of mine is photography. I enjoy capturing moments in time with my camera and capture what could have been in my paintings.

I’m a very stubborn individual who will do what I please when it comes to my hobbies and that’s why I’ve never read any of the books about how to paint and photograph that I own ^^U.




It affects everyone
It doesn't discriminate
Show that it has affected you too